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Mac OS X Application Firewall for advanced security Firewall and monitoring control of All your Applications monitors and records all network activity on your Mac! Monitors and records all network activity on your Mac! LogonKey - USB login solution for Mac OS X Login access security wrapped into USB dongle.
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ProteMac NetMine is a network firewall for Mac OS X which able to control internet and network activity of all application on Your Mac!
ProteMac NetMine offers powerful firewall protection for your Mac, and its customized protection allows advanced users to configure specific rules to protect against foes who wish to infiltrate your computer.



ProteMac Meter is a powerful network traffic logger, monitor and traffic counter, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to and from every application connected to network. ProteMac Meter can display bandwidth data in a real-time graph, a numerical display, or both. It records all network traffic and includes extensive logging for specified period.


Logon Sentry

ProteMac Logon Sentry monitors all login attempts and detects whether an attempt was successful or failed. After a login attempt was made the program captures an image from the iSight.

Logon Sentry

KeyBag PRO

KeyBag Pro is a stealth keylogger which capture all keys on your Mac. KeyBag Pro capture system passwords and everything that happens on computer: keystrokes, software run, emails, iChat, Skype, instant message conversations. Record all system passwords entered, this surveillance tool finds its appliance both in private and business use.

KeyBag PRO


ProteMac KeyBag is advanced keystroke logger software for Mac OS X. ProteMac KeyBag record all typed texts such as chat conversation, emails, documents, user names, and much more.


LogonKey    LogonKey

Secure for your Mac

LogonKey is worked out to enable easy and fast way to logon to your Mac. LogonKey puts your logon security access into USB token. As soon as you have inserted your USB dongle Mac unlocks automatically. LogonKey releases you from the need to enter password manually everytime you want to enter your computer. LogonKey usage doesn’t require special knowledge in any field and is absolutely available for everyone. By removing USB Key auto-lock considerably simplifies your work with computer and, what is more important, restricts any spy logon attempts.

With LogonKey there is no need to keep in mind strong passwords. Even if you work under the supervision of cameras, it would be impossible to detect your password since you don’t have to enter anything from the keyboard. Some people write passwords down which is quiet risky, others make up simple and easy to guess passwords. The security provided by LogonKey turns your USB stick into a system password manager making logon procedure faster and more reliable.


Full-featured software for business use


LogonKey is absolutely essential for corporate users who seek for extra data protection. Business-users often work with confident data or data only with the access to a limited group of people. This might be important documents, payment papers, personal data of stuff, materials for closed projects etc. With LogonKey there is no chance that this information will fall into someone's hands and fall prey to competitors who may use it for personal reasons. It is quiet risky to write passwords down or even enter them manually since spies can monitor ever keystroke entered from the keyboard. It helps to keep your data safe from the malefactors and keystroke spies.

LogonKey aimed at privacy protection empowers you to get the personal access code to your computer system. That means your computer data is available to you only with USB dongle inserted. To enter computer system you may choose one of the following options: personal access via USB key or by entering strong password. This gives you password protection and freedom of choice, which is especially appreciable if there is no flash drive at hand.

When logging out, LogonKey enables you to specify the action after device removal: screensaver, logout, sleep or shutdown. Choose any of these actions and your data will be under reliable surveillance. After you have unplugged USB Key selected action activates immediately. Just insert USB flash drive and you enter Mac even if the screensaver has been activated.

If your USB hardware key has been lost, LogonKey has a solution to replace its loss. All you need is just to enter your strong password and choose another USB Key in LogonKey. That is why the ability to enter Mac in different ways – manually using usual password or via USB stick – is so vital for customers. This option is always a benefit and double-protection for your computer system.


Reliable and easy to use


LogonKey is a reliable method to keep valued information secure. The USB dongle together with LogonKey features an enhanced capability of keeping your data under surveillance: it excludes the possibility of deleting process without your consent requiring password automatically. That means that even if your data has fallen into malefactor’s hands, there is no way he will be able to make any changes without knowing your password.

With LogonKey your USB token boosts and maintains security even if your laptop has been stolen. Provided that the user has switched the File Vault service on Mac in advance, your data remains inaccessible to the malefactor.

LogonKey reduces logon procedure to inserting USB dongle. LogonKey puts your logon security access into USB flash drive. It is an amazing combination of simple and fast logon procedure and data protection against spies. Try LogonKey now to discover more opportunities!













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